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Paper Cleaning Roll 2 ply Jumbo Roll PIR28CM/285MJUMBO
Paper Cleaning Roll 2 ply Jumbo Roll
Price: £12.10 (14.52 inc VAT)

Extra Large Jumbo Paper Roll ideal for Clean Glass etc

Push Button Locking Knife | Building Plastics
Push Button Locking Knife
Price: £8.22 (9.86 inc VAT)

Professional locking knife with safe and quick change system. Locks blade securely during use, easily folds into a safe position when not in use. Includes 5 spare blades

Foam Applicator Gun
Proffesional pu Foam Applicator Gun
Price: £14.53 (17.44 inc VAT)

Metal PU Expanding foam gun used for Gun Grade Expanding Foam. Metal PU foam gun with metal fitting and flow adjustment screw Ergonomically designed handle for easy use. Standard screw thread for any gun foam type.

Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge Kit | Building Plastics
Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge Kit
Price: £19.81 (23.77 inc VAT)

The ideal tool for measuring sealed glass units and PVC panels without the need to remove them from the window or door frame. Supplied in a lightweight protective case.

Glazing Sprue Knife | Building Plastics
Glazing Sprue Knife
Price: £7.70 (9.24 inc VAT)

Stiff Blade Moon knife for removing excess sprue on Upvc window and door frames, This is a time tested tool for producing a knifed finish to the corner of a uPVC frame.

Glass / Window Scraper | Building Plastics
Glass / Window Scraper
Price: £2.79 (3.35 inc VAT)

High quality glass scraper with a brilliant safety automatic blade lock, this scraper has a retractable blade and uses standard single edge blades. Comes with 5 spare blades as standard.

Chisel Knife 10 IN 1 | Building Plastics
Chisel Knife 10 IN 1
Price: £4.26 (5.11 inc VAT)

10 in 1 Chisel Knife ideal for removing beads, chipping or tooling putty, removing nails and cleaning or scraping. It can also be used as a scribing tool for dealing with those tight or curved corner details.

Fine tooth PVC Saw | Building Plastics
Fine Tooth PVC Toolbox Saw 14 inch
Price: £5.36 (6.43 inc VAT)

Xpert hand saw 14" 360mm, this saw has a smooth sawing operation which will cut through a range of materials such as wood, plastics and chipboard. Perfect for the toolbox. Ideal for cutting upvc panels, fascia, soffits and trims.

Don Carlos Quarter Moon Knife | Building Plastics
Don Carlos Quarter Moon Knife
Price: £21.95 (26.34 inc VAT)

Original Don Carlos quarter moon knife. Beautifully crafted wooden handle with strong polished carbon steel blade. Each blade is professionally sharpened and honed to perfection. Made in Germany

Trimming Knife Blade Heavy Duty | Building Plastics
Trimming Knife Blade Heavy Duty Pack of 10
Price: £1.39 (1.67 inc VAT)

Heavy duty, general purpose blades for carpet, vinyl and other sheet material. Also fits Stanley knives. Straight cutting edge
Supplied in a handy plastic safety case

5m Measuring Tape | Building Plastics
5m Measuring Tape Heavy Duty
Price: £3.24 (3.89 inc VAT)

Professional 5m measuring Tape

7.5m Measuring Tape | Building Plastics
7.5m Measuring Tape Heavy Duty
Price: £5.33 (6.40 inc VAT)

Professional 7.5m measuring Tape

Irwin Jack Saw hand saw
Irwin 880 Plus Universal Handsaw 20"
Price: £7.91 (9.49 inc VAT)

Razor sharp triple ground teeth with unique cutting angle for use in all materials. Cuts on the push and pull. Water-based lacquer gives four times more rust protection. Comfortable handle for prolonged use

Paper Cleaning Roll 2 ply 180mm
Paper Cleaning Roll 2 ply 180mm x 150m
Price: £3.69 (4.43 inc VAT)

Small 2 ply Paper Roll ideal for Cleaning Glass etc

180mm wide x 150m long