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80mm uPVC Round Downpipe & Fittings

Building Plastics 80mm UPVC downpipes are manufactured to the highest standard so you are guaranteed a good quality product. The 80mm Downpipe will suit Floplast High Capacity an d Niagara Ogee gutterings systems.

The 80mm downpipes are available in 3 colours and a good selection of fittings are available to compliment the range.

High Capacity guttering system ideal for large houses available from Building Plastics
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Available Colours in - 80mm PVC Downpipes

White 68mm round downpipe from building plastics


80mm white round downpipes uPVC Guttering Available from Building Plastics

black 68mm round downpipe and fittings fascia from building plastics


80mm Black round downpipes and fittings Available from Building Plastics

brown 68mm round and fittings from building plastics


Brown 80mm upvc Downpipes and fittings Available from Building Plastics


High Capacity uPVC Guttering Diagram Available from Building Plastics